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#StickBurnerMafia at the American Royal

#StickBurnerMafia will at the American Royal October 2-5 2014.  Stop by site 039 and say HI. You can save yourself shipping charges by purchasing your #StickBurnerMafia gear at the Royal.

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Our 90 Day Challenge

The #StickBurnerMafia team challenges you to “Cut The Cord” and take the step to becoming a real Pit Master. To take the challenge, Follow these steps. Go to our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StickBurnerMafi and post these words. Challenge Accepted!    Post pictures of your simulation of cutting the cord (you actually don’t need to cut it) or […]

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Cut The Cord!

What the heck is he talkin about?! It’s Simple all ya got to do is find your closest cutting device or someone with stong teeth and just bite/ cut the end of the power cord off. With all the modern technology that has been introduced to the BBQ Industry in the last few years it […]

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Clover Ridge Smokers

Clover Ridge Smokers is a small BBQ pit builder located in Minnesota specializing in Drum Smokers and patio model reverse flow smokers for the home owner and professionals alike. “We cook on what we sell.  Clover Ridge Smokers not only manufacturers BBQ Pits, we participate in BBQ competitions around the upper midwest.  Be sure to […]

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Build a Fire in a Reverse Flow Smoker…. The Frank Method

Less is more when it comes to fire management in your Stick Burner Offset Smoker. Here’s a video we did back ion the good ol days showing you our method. Remember, Thin and Blue! #SmokerBuilder #StickBurnerMafia  

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