Clover Ridge Smokers

Clover Ridge Smokers is a small BBQ pit builder located in Minnesota specializing in
Drum Smokers and patio model reverse flow smokers for the home owner and
professionals alike.
“We cook on what we sell.  Clover Ridge Smokers not only manufacturers BBQ
Pits, we participate in BBQ competitions around the upper midwest.  Be sure
to check out our Team page for more information on our competitions”

The Team

The Clover Ridge Smokers BBQ Team is lead by Pitmaster DavidKryzer along with team members Jeremy Thomes,
Scott Gangl, and Zach Ethen

The Pits

UDS Smokers

The Clover Ridge drum smokers     

UDS Smokers

have been engineered for the
northern climate which allows you
to enjoy BBQ year around.
The drums have been tested at
temperatures down to -22 degrees.

UDS Smoker

Standard models are always
available but we can customize
them to your specifications.

Reverse Flow Smokers

Clover Ridge prides itself on its reverse flow (RF) offset smokers.  These smokers have been engineered to provide maximum performance and efficiency.
The reverse flow smokers are 100% wood fired and create the most authentic BBQ.

Reverse Flow Smoker

Reverse Flow Smoker

The Square Cook Chamber Models


Over the past several months we’ve been working on a new pit
design that is not made out of a tank.  The new Square design
allows for all racks to be the same size giving you more cooking
surface in a smaller footprint.

Square Cook Chamber Reverse Flow Smokers

This new design can be made any size to meet your cooking
needs.  The cook chambers are 3/16″ thick which do a better job
of retaining heat over pits made with thinner materials.

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