Cut The Cord!

What the heck is he talkin about?!

It’s Simple all ya got to do is find your closest cutting device or someone with stong teeth and just bite/ cut the end of the power cord off.



With all the modern technology that has been introduced to the BBQ Industry in the last few years it is easy for someone to become a great cook overnight. Cookers from Pellet fired to Electronically Fan controlled Draft cookers are very popular these days. The True Pitmaster is becoming harder and harder to find.

We have decided to accept the mission of educating and creating True masters of the Pit as well as recognizing those who cook with wood or charcoal fire and natural fire control without the use of electronics.

It is our belief that one can not attain the true awesome flavor of Real smoked BBQ without the use of a naturally fired smoker, Not to say one can not come close. If you have not eaten food cooked over thin blue smoke in a Wood fired pit then you do not know what your missing!

Thin Blue Smoke

What is thin blue smoke? If you have ever walked through your local BBQ Contest and noticed the color of the smoke coming out of the different smoke stacks you will notice some have a white or gray colored smoke coming out of them and others have very thin whispy blue smoke coming out of them and others have no color at all. This is the “Flavor Scale” we will use. The best food in the whole place will be coming from the pit with thin blue to no color at all smoke. The white to gray will have a sooty and over smoked taste to it. This is caused by a lack of air flow which causes poor combustion of the  fuel source.

Becoming a True Pit Master

Here’s what to do first. Cut the cord….

Then find a cooker that uses air inlet dampers to help you control the temperature of your pit. The most popular of these cookers are Offset Stick Burners and Reverse Flow Offset Pits. You can buy or build them yourself. Some are easier to control than others. These are the pits we get our name from… Our favorite kind of pit.

Next are UDS or Ugly Drum Smokers. Although these are flawlessly operated without the use of electronic controls, many people use them anyway. They are very cheap to build or buy and are the easiest pit to operate in my opinion. These are mainly charcoal fired.

Finally are cabinet style smokers. These include pits such as Gravity Feed, Vertical Reverse Flow, and other types of cabinets. These are a little more difficult to operate since they are usually insulated and only burn charcoal efficiently. Some pitmasters choose to burn wood chunks or chips in them but because of the little airflow required the wood usually smolders instead of burning clean.

What’s the next step?

Cut the cord, and learn to build a fire and maintain it without electronics..

I recommend you start out with an offset stick burner or a reverse flow smoker. This is the best way to learn because you will need to establish a rhythm for maintaining the temperature in the pit.  You will need to add fuel periodically and make minor temperature adjustments on a planned and steady basis. Once you learn to operate this type of pit all the others will be easier to operate. Then you will be a True Pit Master!


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