Pitmaker Magnum Sniper

Take a look at Pitmaker’s Magnum Sniper!

I got to tell ya I’m impressed by this pit! As a professional BBQ Pit Builder myself, I can see the quality that has been put into the design and manufacturing of this pit.

Magnum-Sniper-Pitmaker-1cSome of the features that stand out to me when examining this model are things like the all stainless steel doors, the unique one of a kind cook chamber door system, the slick finish of all the weld seams, the insulated firebox and the stainless steel cooking grates.





“We have incorporated every feature you love about the Sniper model smoker, with the Smoke-Lock Technology (TM) and built it into a larger Smoker with increased cooking capacity, and an insulated double-walled firebox lined with solid 1/4″ thick steel plate welded seamless!”

I for one am a fan of any pit builder that thinks outside the box with their design. The door design is the only one of it’s kind on the market that I have found. One particular benefit to this style of door design is the ease of use. Most pits with round cook chambers that are built of quality materials have heavy doors. This can be a major setback for those who have difficulty lifting heavy objects. these doors open very easily since all you need to do is pull them open.

Another thing to note about this design is the insulated firebox. This is a huge advantage to have for those cooks in the rain or colder climates.

“This is the most advanced offset firebox style smoker pit on the market. The firebox is fully insulated on all six sides, with the rear wall and door being fully insulated and double-walled construction as well.
By encapsulating the firebox with double-walled insulation, you force the radiant heat that normally escapes the smoker on the outer firebox wall to travel to the cooking chamber for increased efficiency and control.”


An insulated firebox not only will save on fuel but will also make the smoker far easier to operate and extend the burn times so you don’t have to sit up and baby sit the pit all night. The slam latch style handle is also a nice feature. Easy door opening and closing.

Some final thoughts from Pitmaker on their design:

“Pitmaker has taken this one step further and added our Vortex Smoke Stack system for increased “end of pit” smoke density and convection currents.
On top of this, we have taken durability to the next level by lining the firebox with solid 1/4″ steel plate for extreme corrosion resistance.
This coupled with the unique door opening and sealing system of the Sniper pit (Smoke-Lock), make this BBQ Smoker the most advanced offset firebox smoker Pitmaker has ever built.”

You can learn more about this revolutionary Stick Burner by clicking here….

To see their revolutionary Smoke-Lock Technology (TM) lid in action, click on the video below:


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